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"Stay here or leaving" - radionica

Počalji  vakica taj Čet Dec 25, 2008 1:29 am

Lijepo sam ovo bila zamislila,jos samo da sam uspela ovo sve da naucim Smile

Inace,ovo su odgovori na pitanja,koja su se negde vremenom zaturila! Smile

1. Since I was a little child, I exerted predisposition for drawing , and I was dreaming about the day when I would finish the college of arts .Also today I plan to go on this college , but with years I changed many plans about course of art which I would go to study . I planed to deal with the painting, design of graph, of computer, of furniture, with architecture, with snap, and with the other kind of practical arts, but now I plan to be a fashion designer. I am awake that many young people want to deal with this world, with the world of fashion, and that many of them are really good and talent for this job, and that only the best succeed in that, but also I know that I will give all of myself to score my purposes, which are so high. After faculty I want to find a job, built my own career, and after that I want to establish own family, I think that it is dream of every normal girl.
2. Just I said that that I want to be a fashion designer, and although in our country there is a faculty for that and pupil who want to earn a knowledge in this kind of art, we have no really schools. When I said “school” I think on man or woman, unimportance, who know what is the way to stars in this profession. But I did not said that we can not succeed in some other profession, in criminal, example . It mean, we can succeed, but for the same pain and work, in some other country, we would be more rich(?!?!). It depend of concept of word ”success”. For myself it is own review on The Fashion Week, Milano, but for someone other it is well-paid job, or just job.
3. I have no statistic information about that, but I can explain it on example. Our town. Almost in every house there is some cousin or lot of them who are on temporal job in, I do not know, Germany, Austria, Swiss, USA… They are usually young people, or hosts of that home. I don’t know what is more bad: when it is young man, he left his country, negate his obligation for country. That is the reason why we have a lot of older people in our factories, companies, and with that, old technology, and bad share. But, when it is someone older, some host, he search the best way for survival of his family ,but his left make very bad influence on his children. But ,I understand that people. They can not find job here, or they can it, but they also find some hard, illegal ,but well-paid job, and of course that they will left all for that. The misery is it, we cant find author of this problem, so we cant resolve it.
4. The momentary score of our country is European Union ,and almost everyone hopes that in that union, every thing will be better. But, I don’t thin so. I think that, no matter how much campaign we done good ,we cant change the mentality of our folk. It has relation with our history. We are born to be in war ,to go outside of our order looking for war, to kill other people ,and defend our “brothers”. It was always ,and it will be forever. Sometimes, someone said :”We have two hands: the first is for us, but the second one is for the other people!” I think that we will never see that. In our country, the citizen are not interesting in problems of peasants which are about the prize or sale of their products ,also the people in Vojvodina are not interesting in problems of people in Kosovo… The ordinary man isn’t amuse where are some Karadzic, or Mladic, and I think that it is our problem. But we have no ideas how to resolute that, because, I just said, we can change everything before we change ourselves. I don’t think that our country is one stabil country of course. But, if it will be it, and if we will be one of rich country ,I think that we will forget all our late problems, and that we will not help to the other poor nation.
5. First I will chose USA, because it is the place where I can earn the best knowledge, and where I can work with the experts, with the best people in some profession and learn from them. After that I want to go in Italy or France, because they are the country of fashion, and there I can earn fortune and success,but on the end I know that I will return to my country. Also, I want to work in India(in Bolivood ),in Egypt, in Malesya, Japan…for some years.
6. I mention before that, no matter if I will success or not in some country, if I will be more rich(?!?!) or more poor, I hope that I will meet the day when I will be again here, in Sjenica.


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