Seminarski rad " Engleska protiv Francuske"

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Seminarski rad " Engleska protiv Francuske"

Počalji  vakica taj Čet Dec 25, 2008 1:17 am

Nama je ovo Leposava dala u trecoj godini.....
(ja sam "navijala" za Francusku)

France vs. England
You must conciliate that France substantially precede over England in culture.
Since Baroque style, The Paris is the centre of cultural world and art. Before that it was Rome.
There is many cultural area linked to France which is the most popular in the world. That think made the most interesting country on the world of France, and for argument, we have fact that the France is the first and the best tourist country in the world.

First of all it is the cousine. The French nature correspond to development of agriculture, so we have the big number of culture which we can cultivate there.
According in that, we have very complex nutrition there, which is one of the mascots of France. While, in English kitchen we don’t have some big attribute, they eat only pies, scrambled eggs, bread...and their national drink is tie, which is so uninteresting. The Frenchmen use all vegetable, fruit, meat, eggs, fish and seafood…
All over the world, there is a restourants of French cousine, while nowhere there is some with English foods.
France really pave much in its cousine. It is the first place which have a cousine chiefs and well-educated people in nutristionistiqe . Also, they mint the phenomenon of numerous personnel in kitchen and dining room. They are first people which had three regular meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that is also one of the think which they bring on british Isles.
They first construct places for dine out: restaurant, bistro, braserrie, cafe, bouchon, bar…even the salon of tie,which is "English drink"..
Because all this facts, you must conciliate that the France precede England in cousine.

Then, we have a lot of arts… France and England have some similar fluxes in film, music, literature…but also we have architecture, design, fashion…which made France one of the centre of the world.
First, fashion. English people are so starchy in that. Even, while we are going on English streets, we can notice that a big percent of them bring the same wear,like some kind of costume. But, at the other side, The French are the villain in fashion. They are weared with the style, they are elegant but they are not,if I can say,so stiff like the Englishmen.
One of the most fascinating aspects of French Fashion is the way it is embedded in French society. Paris continues to be the Fashion Capital of the world and it is no surprise to see why. Considering that Paris is home to a gigantic fabric industry that works with culture houses, French Fashion will always produce different styles that will push the envelope and influence future generations of fashion. A country that understands the importance of fashion on popular culture, fashion is taken very seriously in France.

Did you know that the first name of Gothic architecture was "French architecture".. We know from history that, after the Rome defeat, there was one pause of development of culture, and then started the Gothic stile in Frank republic,which mean that France first started to progress its culture in West Europe. In renecance the cultural centre was Rome, but real progress has only the France..


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